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Along the history the Maladeta massif has been the emblematic center of the Pyrenees thanks to the presence of its culminating peak, the Aneto summit (3.404meters = 11.168feet).

The authors of this guide offer you a different approach for keeping on discovering this massif of spectacular beauty, while they invite you to reflect about the possibilities of systematic observation and fieldwork that every hiker can do.

Those who want to approach for the first time to the Maladeta massif will find, in the different itineraries, all the great pathways.

The reconstruction of the route of the expedition Tchihatcheef-Franqueville (1842) that attained the Aneto summit for the first time, in 4 long stages, will be a good motive for those who wish to relive the sensations and the footprints of the first historical ascents.


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