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Some of the more than 100 pictures that you can find in the book:

Aragüells (from Occidental Superior|Upper l’ivó of Coronas until the pike d’Aneto) seen of the part superior|upper of the valley of Coronas from the pike
Aneto peak and Coronas lakes, viewed fiom the Aragüells peak
Sight|View from the pike of the Maladeta, with the crest of the Maldito behind and the pike d’Aneto beyond
Maladeta peak, with the Maldito crest behind and the Aneto peak beyond
Grassy clearing|sunny spell in the valley of Piedres Albes (2.250 m)
Grassy clearing in the Piedres Albes valley (2.250 m)
Jordi Pons, Ramon Solís i Tòfol Tobal, the three authors of the guide, in the oriel of the Renclusa
Jordi Pons, Ramon Solís and Tòfol Tobal, the three authors of this guide,
in the Renclusa viewing point
Final stretch of l’ascensió in|on the pike of Paderna, with a good backdrop: Diente d’Alba, pike d’Alba, needle N d’Alba and White tuca of Paderna
Final stretch in the ascent of Paderna peak, with a good backdrop: Diente de Alba, Alba peak, Alba needle and Paderna White Tuca
Superior|Upper part of the valley of Salenques with the buttresses of the pike Russell and beyond the crest of Salenques with the Fork|Gallows Estasen
Upper part of the Salenques valley with the buttresses of the Russell peak and beyond the Salenques crest with the Estasen Fork


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